MIC-Coordination / Executive contact:

PD Dr. Ruth Lyck, Theodor-Kocher-Institut, , Phone: +41 (0)31 631 41 54


Light Microscopy Core Manager:

Dr. Yury Belyaev, Institute of Anatomy, , Phone: +41 (0)78 899 01 10


Electron Microscopy:

Prof. Dr. Benoît Zuber, Institute of Anatomy,


Light Microscopy:

Dr. Fabian Blank, Department for BioMedical Research,


Atomic Force Microscopy:

Dr. Ilya Pobelov, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,


Digital Imaging:

Dr. Dimitri Vanhecke, Adolphe Merkle Institute,


Data management:

PD Dr. Stefan Tschanz, Institute of Anatomy,


Electron Microscopy Technician:

Marek Kaminek, Institute of Anatomy, , Phone: +41 (0)79 927 12 10


Lab Head:

Beat Haenni, Institute of Anatomy,


IT / Webmaster:

Sandra Frank, Institute of Anatomy,



Marisa Moser, Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences,



Chair MIC Commissioner:

Prof. Dr. Britta Engelhardt, Theodor-Kocher-Institut,