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Nikon Biostation CT



Microscope:Nikon Biostation CT
Objectives:2x Phase contrast, 4x Phase contrast, 10x Phase contrast, 20x Phase contrast, 40x Phase contrast
  • GFP/FITC/Alexa488
  • Cy3/Rhodamine/Alexa547
  • Cy5/Alexa633
  • Illumination:
  • Trasmitted light
  • White light (Fluorescence)
  • Software:CL-Quant
    Special application:Fully automated live observation inside incubator.
    Contact:Dr. Fabian Blank
    Dr. Amiq Gazdhar
    Location:Department for BioMedical Research
    University of Bern
    MU 50 U1 111
    Murtenstrasse 50
    3010 Bern
    Please contact Dr. Fabian Blank regarding booking and usage.
    More informationLink

    Special features:
  • Long-term live observation
  • Live cell imaging

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