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Olympus Fluoview-1200 confocal microscope



Microscope:Olympus IX 83 inverted
Lasers:Coherent Sapphire 488 nm, 20mW
Detector:3 PMTs, transmission detector
Lenses:UPLSAPO 60x water, NA:1.2
  • 505-550 nm
  • 505-605 nm
  • 584-676 nm
  • Additional equipment:
  • Xenon short-arc high-power flash-lamp for UV-flash photolysis
  • Patch-clamp amplifier for whole-cell and single channel voltage clamping
  • Rapid superfusion system (5 solution lines)
  • Special application:Confocal Ca2+ imaging with fluorescent indicators (fluo-3, fluo-5N, rhod-2), can be combined with UV-flash photolysis of caged compounds
    Contact:Prof. Dr. Ernst Niggli
    Location:Department of Physiology
    University of Bern
    Bühlplatz 5
    3012 Bern
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    Last update:14.06.2017 / Ernst Niggli