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VT-infinity confocal multi-point scanner ( VisiTech, UK)



Microscope:Nikon Eclipse Ti-S
Cameras:ImagEM Enhanced EMCCD, C9100-13, Hamamatsu Photonics
Lasers:Coherent Sapphire, solid state laser, 488nm, 50mW
  • 40x NA=1.3 (Fluor, Oil, Nikon)
  • 60x NA=1.2 (Water, Nikon)
  • 100X NA=0.5-1.30 (CFI S Fluor, Oil, WD=0.20 mm, Nikon)
  • Additional equipment:
  • Frequency-tripled Nd:YAG laser (Surelite-II, Continuum, 355 nm, double-pulse mode, 20 ns duration for each pulse)
  • optional optical zoom (0.5-2x) in the scan path
  • Special application:Rapid (up to 150 fps @ 512 x 512) full-frame (3D) imaging (e.g. Ca2+) with fluorescent indicators (fluo-3, fluo-4), can be combined with UV-laser-flash photolysis of caged compounds
    Contact:Prof. Dr. Marcel Egger
    Location:Department of Physiology
    University of Bern
    Bühlplatz 5
    3012 Bern
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