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Customized Two-Photon Microscope (Built: T. Nevian)



Lasers:fs, pulsed IR-laser, Mai Tai, 680-1030nm
  • 4x non-descanned detectors for green (525/50) and red (620/50) fluorescence
  • IR-scanning gradient contrast detector
  • Additional equipment:
  • electrophysiology equipment for dual whole-cell recordings
  • perfusion system for bath chamber (temperature controlled)
  • Software:
    Special application:In vitro and in vivo electrophysiology and calcium imaging from neurons and astrocytes
    Contact:Prof. Dr. Thomas Nevian
    Location:Department of Physiology
    University of Bern
    Bühlplatz 5
    3012 Bern

    Special features:
  • Multi-Photon
  • Live cell imaging

  • Last update:01.08.2016 / Sandra Frank