Lecturers: Microscopy Imaging Center (MIC)
Responsible: Ruth Lyck
Type: Lecture, 2h per week, 3 ECTS
Target audience: Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences
Master of Biomedical Science
Master of Molecular Life Sciences
Master of Biomedical Engineering and others
Time: Every Friday, 8:15-10:00
Start: Fall Semester 2016
ERW Auditorium A225, Inst of Anatomy, Bühlstrasse 26, Plan
EXAM: 8:30 - 11:00 Lecture Room G. Wokerstrasse 5
Nr 3 on -> , Plan
"Lesesaal",1st floor, entrance Anatomy, Bühlstr. 26, Plan
Langhans Auditorium, Inst.of Pathology, Inselspital, Entrance 43A, Plan
Unitobler, Lerchenweg 36, Room F013, Floor 00, Plan
KSL: 9256


Prerequisite for this lecture



23.09.20162h Introduction to Cutting Edge Microscopy (including practical part in the Histology room of the Institute of Anatomy)Tschanz S. (Anatomy)PDF
30.09.2016Group A:
 1h Physical basics of LM imaging, part 1Frenz M. (IAP)PDF (final)
 1h Microscopy DemosVarious teachersPDF
 Group B:
 2h Microscopy DemosVarious teachersPDF
07.10.2016Group A:
 2h Microscopy DemosVarious teachers
 Group B:
 1h Physical basics of LM imaging, part 1Frenz M. (IAP)PDF (final)
 1h Microscopy DemosVarious teachers
14.10.20161h Physical basics of light optical imaging, part 2Frenz M. (IAP)PDF (final)
 1h Fluorescence MicroscopyBlank F. (DKF, MU50)PDF
21.10.2016Specific applications:
 1h Laser scanning microscopyRothen-Rutishauser B. (AMI)PDF
 1h CLSM specific applications (FRET, FRAP, Spectral unmixing) & digital image restoration (huygen and Imaris software)Yousefi S. (PKI)PDF
28.10.20161h Calcium-imaging with confocal microscopyNiggli E. (Physio)PDF
 1h Super resolution imagingNevian T. (Physio)PDF
02.11.2016MIC Day: Young Researchers presentations(facultative)Info/Registration:Link
04.11.20161h Intravital microscopy Enzmann G. (TKI)PDF
 1h Multiphoton-intravital microscopyStein J. (TKI)PDF
11.11.20161h Live cell imaging: The time factorLyck R. (TKI)PDF
 1h 3D imaging by structured illuminationLyck R. (TKI)PDF
18.11.20161h Optical projection tomography Stein J. (TKI)PDF
 1h Atomic Force Microscopy in BiologyFotiadis D. (IBMM)PDF
25.11.20162h Transmission Electron MicroscopyVanhecke D. (AMI)PDF
09.12.20162h Scanning Electron MicroscopyStoffel M. (Vet. Anatomy)PDF
16.12.20162h Cryoelectron Microscopy & Serial Block Face SEMZuber B. (Anatomy)PDF
23.12.20162h StereologyTschanz S. (Anatomy)PDF
13.01.20172h Written exam. Presence 8:30, in front of the Lecture Hall G. Woker Strasse 5Tschanz S. (Anatomy)
 19 May 2017, from 10 - 12 am, Repetition Exam, change of location. The new location is at Unitobler, Lerchenweg 36, 3012 Bern, Floor 00, Room No F013. Lyck R. (TKI)

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