Electron Microscopy

Benoît Zuber is gladly available for questions regarding Electron Microscopy and its possible uses.




Scanning Electron Microscopy

Philips XL 30 FEGBenoît Zuber
Zeiss DSM 982Michael Stoffel


- Serial Block Face 3-dimensional Imaging

Quanta with 3ViewBenoît Zuber




Transmission Electron Microscopy

FEI MorgagniBenoît Zuber
Philips CM 12 (ana)Benoît Zuber
Philips CM 12 (vet)Michael Stoffel
Tecnai SpiritBenoît Zuber


- Tomography

FEI Tecnai F20Benoît Zuber






Sample Preparation


The MIC contains the expertise and the equipment required, for the preparation of samples for the Electron Microscope. The preparation of samples can be carried out after an introduction into the operation of the devices themselves or can be performed as a service. Our tariffs and terms and conditions of use can be found here.

For questions regarding the preparation of samples, please contact the representatives at the respective locations.






Other devices:




Contact:   Beat Haenni