Light Microscopy

Yury Belyaev is available for initial questions regarding the equipment available for Light Microscopy.






- Light Sheet Microscopes

LaVision UltramicroscopeThomas Nevian
Leica TCS SP8 DLS 1 4Alexander Ernst


- Optical Projection Tomography




Optical Microscopy


- Bright-field Microscopes

Zeiss AxioplanOlivier Guenat
Zeiss M2Ruslan Hlushchuk


- Fluorescence Microscopes

3D Histech Slide ScannerClaudia Güttinger
Fluo Slide scannerRoch-Philippe Charles
INCell Analyzer 2000 3Ana Stojiljkovic
IncuCyte S3 Live Cell Analysis System 1Fabian Blank
Intravital IVM-500 1Jens Stein
Leica DMI4000 BFabian Blank
Nikon Eclipse E600Jens Stein
Nikon Eclipse E800  5Fabian Blank
Nikon Eclipse Ti-EFabian Blank
Nikon Ti Fluorescence 1Yannik Blum
Nikon Ti TIRF 1Yannik Blum
Zeiss AxioImagerMichael Stoffel
Zeiss AxioObserver 1Ruth Lyck


- Laser Confocal Microscopes

Cust. 2-Photon Microscope 1 2Thomas Nevian
DeltaVision 1Kerry Woods
In vivo probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopeMarcel Sorribas
LaVision Biotec TrimScope II 1 2Giuseppe Locatelli
Leica SP8  1Rohan Chippalkatti
Leica TCS SP5 1Sarah Robinson
Nikon Ti-E A1R MP 2Martin Frenz
Olympus Fluoview-1000 2Ernst Niggli
Olympus Fluoview-1200Ernst Niggli
Olympus FV 1000Anna Oevermann
VisiTech VT-infinityMarcel Egger
Zeiss LSM 5 exciter 1Shida Yousefi
Zeiss LSM 510Shida Yousefi
Zeiss LSM 700 1Shida Yousefi
Zeiss LSM 710 1Fabian Blank
Zeiss LSM 880 1Eduard Babiychuk


- Reflective Light Microscopes

Keyence VHX-5000Michael Stoffel
Keyence VHX-600Michael Stoffel


- Spinning Disk Microscopes

FEI iMICPeter Meister
Nikon Spinning Disk LED 1 6Fabian Blank
Nikon Ti Spinnin Disc (Mönch) 4Yannik Blum


- Stereo Microscopes

Leica MZ10FJessica Rieder
Leica MZ16Jens Stein


- Super Resolution Microscopes

Leica SP8 X STED 1Rohan Chippalkatti




1 = Live cell imaging

2 = Multi-Photon

3 = High Content Analysis

4 = Long-term live observation

5 = Simultaneous brightfield and AF-microscopy

6 = Fast imaging via spinning disk