MIC Organisation




MIC Board:



PD Dr. Ruth Lyck, Theodor-Kocher-Institut,


Chair MIC Commissioner / Representative Medical Faculty:

Prof. Dr. Britta Engelhardt, Theodor-Kocher-Institut,


Representative Faculty of Science:

Prof. Dr. Olivier Pertz, Institute of Cell Biology,


Representative VetSuisse Faculty:

Prof. Dr. Michael Stoffel, Division of Veterinary Anatomy,




MIC Office:


Events & Education:

Marisa Moser, Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences,



Yvonne Omara, Microscopy Imaging Center,




MIC Commission:


The commission is the decision body of the MIC.
Actually 29 scientists from 15 institutes of three faculties are member of the commission.


MIC Commission members:

PhD student representative: