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Alaeddine F, Hemphill A, Debache K, Guionaud C.
Molecular cloning and characterization of NcROP2Fam-1, a member of the ROP2 family of rhoptry proteins in Neospora caninum that is targeted by antibodies neutralizing host cell invasion in vitro.
Parasitology  PubMed

Barna F, Debache K, Vock CA, Küster T, Hemphill A.
In vitro effects of novel ruthenium complexes in Neospora caninum and Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites.
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy  PubMed

Baumann L, Schöller K, de Courten D, Marti D, Frenz M, Wolf M, Rossi RM, Scherer LJ.
Development of light-responsive porous polycarbonate membranes for controlled caffeine delivery
RSC Advances  Article

Bippes CA, Ge L, Meury M, Harder D, Ucurum Z, Daniel H, Fotiadis D, Müller DJ.
Peptide transporter DtpA has two alternate conformations, one of which is promoted by inhibitor binding.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA  PubMed

Boggavarapu R, Jeckelmann JM, Harder D, Schneider P, Ucurum Z, Hediger M, Fotiadis D.
Expression, purification and low-resolution structure of human vitamin C transporter SVCT1 (SLC23A1).
PLoS One  PubMed

Bucher C, Gazdhar A, Benneker LM, Geiser T, Gantenbein-Ritter B.
Nonviral Gene Delivery of Growth and Differentiation Factor 5 to Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Injected into a 3D Bovine Intervertebral Disc Organ Culture System.
Stem Cells International  PubMed

Chai Q, Onder L, Scandella E, Gil-Cruz C, Perez-Shibayama C, Cupovic J, Danuser R, Sparwasser T, Luther SA, Thiel V, Rülicke T, Stein JV, Hehlgans T, Ludewig B.
Maturation of lymph node fibroblastic reticular cells from myofibroblastic precursors is critical for antiviral immunity.
Immunity  PubMed

Chan SC, Bürki A, Bonél HM, Benneker LM, Gantenbein-Ritter B.
Papain-induced in vitro disc degeneration model for the study of injectable nucleus pulposus therapy.
Spine Journal  PubMed

Chan SC, Walser J, Käppeli P, Shamsollahi MJ, Ferguson SJ, Gantenbein-Ritter B.
Region specific response of intervertebral disc cells to complex dynamic loading: an organ culture study using a dynamic torsion-compression bioreactor.
PLoS One  PubMed

Coelho FM, Natale D, Soriano SF, Hons M, Swoger J, Mayer J, Danuser R, Scandella E, Pieczyk M, Zerwes HG, Junt T, Sailer AW, Ludewig B, Sharpe J, Figge MT, Stein JV.
Naive B-cell trafficking is shaped by local chemokine availability and LFA-1-independent stromal interactions.
Blood  PubMed

Coisne C, Lyck R, Engelhardt B.
Live cell imaging techniques to study T cell trafficking across the blood-brain barrier in vitro and in vivo.
Fluids and Barriers of the CNS  PubMed

Cremona TP, Tschanz SA, von Garnier C, Benarafa C.
SerpinB1 deficiency is not associated with increased susceptibility to pulmonary emphysema in mice.
American Journal of Physiology. Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology  PubMed

Di Santo S, Mina A, Ducray A, Widmer HR, Senn P.
Creatine supports propagation and promotes neuronal differentiation of inner ear progenitor cells.
NeuroReport  PubMed

Echeverry N, Bachmann D, Ke F, Strasser A, Simon HU, Kaufmann T.
Intracellular localization of the BCL-2 family member BOK and functional implications.
Cell Death & Differentiation  PubMed

Geering B, Stoeckle C, Rozman S, Oberson K, Benarafa C, Simon HU.
DAPK2 positively regulates motility of neutrophils and eosinophils in response to intermediary chemoattractants.
Journal of Leukocyte Biology  PubMed

Geiser M, Quaile O, Wenk A, Wigge C, Eigeldinger-Berthou S, Hirn S, Schäffler M, Schleh C, Möller W, Mall MA, Kreyling WG.
Cellular uptake and localization of inhaled gold nanoparticles in lungs of mice with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Particle and Fibre Toxicology  PubMed

Gutierrez DA, Fernandez-Tenorio M, Ogrodnik J, Niggli E.
NO-dependent CaMKII activation during β-adrenergic stimulation of cardiac muscle.
Cardiovascular Research  PubMed

He Z, Liu H, Agostini M, Yousefi S, Perren A, Tschan MP, Mak TW, Melino G, Simon HU.
p73 regulates autophagy and hepatocellular lipid metabolism through a transcriptional activation of the ATG5 gene.
Cell Death & Differentiation  PubMed

Hemphill A, Debache K, Monney T, Schorer M, Guionaud C, Alaeddine F, Mueller N, Mueller J.
Proteins mediating the Neospora caninum-host cell interaction as targets for vaccination.
Frontiers in Bioscience  PubMed

Jagannathan V, Bannoehr J, Plattet P, Hauswirth R, Drögemüller C, Drögemüller M, Wiener DJ, Doherr M, Owczarek-Lipska M, Galichet A, Welle MM, Tengvall K, Bergvall K, Lohi H, Rüfenacht S, Linek M, Paradis M, Müller EJ, Roosje P, Leeb T.
A mutation in the SUV39H2 gene in Labrador Retrievers with hereditary nasal parakeratosis (HNPK) provides insights into the epigenetics of keratinocyte differentiation.
PLOS Genetics  PubMed

Jensen SS, Gruber R, Buser D, Bosshardt DD.
Osteoclast-like cells on deproteinized bovine bone mineral andbiphasic calcium phosphate: Light and transmission electron microscopical observations
Clinical Oral Implants Research  PubMed

Kuhn-Nentwig L, Kopp LS, Nentwig W, Haenni B, Streitberger K, Schürch S, Schaller J.
Functional differentiation of spider hemocytes by light and transmission electron microscopy, and MALDI-MS-imaging.
Developmental & Comparative Immunology  PubMed

Künzi L, Mertes P, Schneider S, Jeannet N, Menzi C, Dommen J, Baltenperger U, Prévôt ASH, Salathe M, Kalberer M, Geiser M.
Responses of lung cells to realistic exposure of primary and aged carbonaceous aerosols
Atmospheric Environment  Article

Küster T, Kriegel N, Stadelmann B, Wang X, Dong Y, Vennerstrom JL, Keiser J, Hemphill A.
Amino ozonides exhibit in vitro activity against Echinococcus multilocularis metacestodes.
International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents  PubMed

Küster T, Hermann C, Hemphill A, Gottstein B, Spiliotis M.
Subcutaneous infection model facilitates treatment assessment of secondary Alveolar echinococcosis in mice.
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases  PubMed

Kyrychenko S, Poláková E, Kang C, Pocsai K, Ullrich ND, Niggli E, Shirokova N.
Hierarchical accumulation of RyR post-translational modifications drives disease progression in dystrophic cardiomyopathy.
Cardiovascular Research  PubMed

Lanctôt C, Meister P.
Microscopic analysis of chromatin localization and dynamics in C. elegans.
Methods in Molecular Biology  PubMed

Leisi R, Ruprecht N, Kempf C, Ros C.
Parvovirus B19 Uptake Is a Highly Selective Process Controlled by VP1u, a Novel Determinant of Viral Tropism.
Journal of Virology  PubMed

Liu H, He Z, von Rütte T, Yousefi S, Hunger RE, Simon HU.
Down-regulation of autophagy-related protein 5 (ATG5) contributes to the pathogenesis of early-stage cutaneous melanoma.
Science Translational Medicine  PubMed

Martinelli S, Chen EJ, Clarke F, Lyck R, Affentranger S, Burkhardt JK, Niggli V.
Ezrin/Radixin/Moesin proteins and flotillins cooperate to promote uropod formation in T cells.
Frontiers in Immunology  PubMed

Maskey D, Yousefi S, Schmid I, Zlobec I, Perren A, Friis R, Simon HU.
ATG5 is induced by DNA-damaging agents and promotes mitotic catastrophe independent of autophagy.
Nature Communications  PubMed

Miron RJ, Bosshardt DD, Laugisch O, Dard M, Gemperli AC, Buser D, Gruber R, Sculean A.
In vitro evaluation of demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft in combination with enamel matrix derivative.
Journal of Periodontology  PubMed

Möller W, Gibson N; Geiser M; Pokhrel S, Wenk A, Takenaka S, Schmid O, Bulgheroni A, Simonelli F, Kozempel J, Holzwarth U, Wigge C, Eigeldinger-Berthou S, Mädler L, Kreyling WG.
Gold nanoparticle aerosols for rodent inhalation and translocation studies
Journal of Nanoparticle Research  Article

Moretti FA, Moser M, Lyck R, Abadier M, Ruppert R, Engelhardt B, Fässler R.
Kindlin-3 regulates integrin activation and adhesion reinforcement of effector T cells.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA  PubMed

Mouton WG, Habegger AK, Haenni B, Tschanz S, Baumgartner I, Ochs M.
Valve disease in chronic venous disorders: a quantitative ultrastructural analysis by transmission electron microscopy and stereology.
Swiss Medical Weekly  PubMed

Niggli E, Ullrich ND, Gutierrez D, Kyrychenko S, Poláková E, Shirokova N.
Posttranslational modifications of cardiac ryanodine receptors: Ca(2+) signaling and EC-coupling.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta  PubMed

Onder L, Danuser R, Scandella E, Firner S, Chai Q, Hehlgans T, Stein JV, Ludewig B.
Endothelial cell-specific lymphotoxin-β receptor signaling is critical for lymph node and high endothelial venule formation.
Journal of Experimental Medicine  PubMed

Pérez-Garci E, Larkum ME, Nevian T.
Inhibition of dendritic Ca2+ spikes by GABAB receptors in cortical pyramidal neurons is mediated by a direct Gi/o-β-subunit interaction with Cav1 channels.
Journal of Physiology  PubMed

Pérez-Rivero G, Cascio G, Soriano SF, Sanz ÁG, de Guinoa JS, Rodríguez-Frade JM, Gomariz RP, Holgado BL, Cabañas C, Carrasco YR, Stein JV, Mellado M.
Janus kinases 1 and 2 regulate chemokine-mediated integrin activation and naïve T-cell homing.
European Journal of Immunology  PubMed

Psalla D, Rüfenacht S, Stoffel MH, Chiers K, Gaschen V, Doherr MG, Gerber V, Welle MM.
Equine pastern vasculitis: a clinical and histopathological study.
Veterinary Journal  PubMed

Schätz G, Schneiter M, Rička J, Kühni-Boghenbor K, Tschanz SA, Doherr MG, Frenz M, Stoffel MH.
Ciliary beating plane and wave propagation in the bovine oviduct.
Cells Tissues Organs  PubMed

Shirokova N, Niggli E.
Cardiac phenotype of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: insights from cellular studies.
Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology  PubMed

Sieber AR, Min R, Nevian T.
Non-Hebbian long-term potentiation of inhibitory synapses in the thalamus.
Journal of Neuroscience  PubMed

Soeiro MN, Werbovetz K, Boykin DW, Wilson WD, Wang MZ, Hemphill A.
Novel amidines and analogues as promising agents against intracellular parasites: a systematic review.
Parasitology  PubMed

Stefanski A, Mevissen M, Möller AM, Kuehni-Boghenbor K, Schmitz A.
Induction of cytochrome P450 enzymes in primary equine hepatocyte culture.
Toxicology in Vitro  PubMed

Straumann A, Hoesli S, Bussmann Ch, Stuck M, Perkins M, Collins LP, Payton M, Pettipher R, Hunter M, Steiner J, Simon HU.
Anti-eosinophil activity and clinical efficacy of the CRTH2 antagonist OC000459 in eosinophilic esophagitis.
Allergy  PubMed

Studer D, Klein A, Iacovache I, Gnaegi H, Zuber B.
A new tool based on two micromanipulators facilitates the handling of ultrathin cryosection ribbons.
Journal of Structural Biology  PubMed

Voigt T, Sebald HJ, Schoenauer R, Levano S, Girard T, Hoppeler HH, Babiychuk EB, Draeger A.
Annexin A1 is a biomarker of T-tubular repair in skeletal muscle of nonmyopathic patients undergoing statin therapy.
FASEB Journal  PubMed

Voigt T, Zuber B, Gawatz G, Herrmann G.
Implementation of a virtual correlative light and transmission electron microscope.
Microscopy Research and Technique  PubMed

von Arx T, Lozanoff S, Bosshardt D.
Accessory mental foramina: anatomy and histology of neurovascularisation in four cases with apical surgery
Oral Surgery  Link

Wiener DJ, Gurtner C, Panakova L, Mausberg TB, Müller EJ, Drögemüller C, Leeb T, Welle MM.
Clinical and histological characterization of hair coat and glandular tissue of Chinese crested dogs.
Veterinary Dermatology  PubMed

Wiener DJ, Welle MM, Origgi FC.
Cutaneous lesions associated with dual infection caused by canine distemper virus and orthopoxvirus in a domestic cat.
Veterinary Dermatology  PubMed

Wolfisberg R, Ruprecht N, Kempf C, Ros C.
Impaired genome encapsidation restricts the in vitro propagation of human parvovirus B19.
Journal of Virological Methods  PubMed

Zuber B, Unwin N.
Structure and superorganization of acetylcholine receptor-rapsyn complexes.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA  PubMed