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Abadier M, Haghayegh Jahromi N, Cardoso Alves L, Boscacci R, Vestweber D, Barnum S, Deutsch U, Engelhardt B, Lyck R.
Cell surface levels of endothelial ICAM-1 influence the transcellular or paracellular T-cell diapedesis across the blood-brain barrier.
European Journal of Immunology  PubMed

Atanassoff AP, Wolfmeier H, Schoenauer R, Hostettler A, Ring A, Draeger A, Babiychuk EB.
Microvesicle shedding and lysosomal repair fulfill divergent cellular needs during the repair of streptolysin O-induced plasmalemmal damage.
PLoS One  PubMed

Barré SF, Haberthür D, Stampanoni M, Schittny JC.
Efficient estimation of the total number of acini in adult rat lung.
Physiological Reports  PubMed

Bongoni AK, Kiermeir D, Jenni H, Bähr A, Ayares D, Klymiuk N, Wolf E, Voegelin E, Constantinescu MA, Seebach JD, Rieben R.
Complement dependent early immunological responses during ex vivo xenoperfusion of hCD46/HLA-E double transgenic pig forelimbs with human blood.
Xenotransplantation  PubMed

Bonnaud C, Monnier CA, Demurtas D, Jud C, Vanhecke D, Montet X, Hovius R, Lattuada M, Rothen-Rutishauser B, Petri-Fink A.
Insertion of nanoparticle clusters into vesicle bilayers.
ACS Nano  PubMed

Clémençon B, Fine M, Lüscher B, Baumann MU, Surbek DV, Abriel H, Hediger MA.
Expression, purification, and projection structure by single particle electron microscopy of functional human TRPM4 heterologously expressed in Xenopus laevis oocytes.
Protein Expression and Purification  PubMed

Clémençon B, Lüscher BP, Fine M, Baumann MU, Surbek DV, Bonny O, Hediger MA
Expression, Purification, and Structural Insights for the Human Uric Acid Transporter, GLUT9, Using the Xenopus laevis Oocytes System.
PLoS One  PubMed

Clift MJ, Endes C, Vanhecke D, Wick P, Gehr P, Schins RP, Petri-Fink A, Rothen-Rutishauser B.
A comparative study of different in vitro lung cell culture systems to assess the most beneficial tool for screening the potential adverse effects of carbon nanotubes.
Toxicological Sciences  PubMed

Cortes H, Leitão A, Gottstein B, Hemphill A.
A review on bovine besnoitiosis: a disease with economic impact in herd health management, caused by Besnoitia besnoiti (Franco and Borges).
Parasitology  PubMed

Draeger A, Schoenauer R, Atanassoff AP, Wolfmeier H, Babiychuk EB.
Dealing with damage: plasma membrane repair mechanisms.
Biochimie  PubMed

Duehrkop C, Rieben R.
Refinement of tourniquet-induced peripheral ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats: comparison of 2 h vs 24 h reperfusion.
Laboratory Animals  PubMed

Duehrkop C, Denoyelle J, Shaw S, Rieben R.
Use of dextran sulfate in tourniquet-induced skeletal muscle reperfusion injury.
Journal of Surgical Research  PubMed

Felder M, Stucki AO, Stucki JD, Geiser T, Guenat OT.
The potential of microfluidic lung epithelial wounding: towards in vivo-like alveolar microinjuries.
Integrative Biology  PubMed

Frotscher M, Studer D, Graber W, Chai X, Nestel S, Zhao S.
Fine structure of synapses on dendritic spines.
Frontiers in Neuroanatomy  PubMed

Gajanayake T, Olariu R, Leclère FM, Dhayani A, Yang Z, Bongoni AK, Banz Y, Constantinescu MA, Karp JM, Vemula PK, Rieben R, Vögelin E.
A single localized dose of enzyme-responsive hydrogel improves long-term survival of a vascularized composite allograft.
Science Translational Medicine  PubMed

Gao M, Kim YK, Zhang C, Borshch V, Zhou S, Park HS, Jákli A, Lavrentovich OD, Tamba MG, Kohlmeier A, Mehl GH, Weissflog W, Studer D, Zuber B, Gnägi H, Lin F.
Direct observation of liquid crystals using cryo-TEM: specimen preparation and low-dose imaging.
Microscopy Research and Technique  PubMed

Geering B, Stoeckle C, Rozman S, Oberson K, Benarafa C, Simon HU.
DAPK2 positively regulates motility of neutrophils and eosinophils in response to intermediary chemoattractants.
Journal of Leukocyte Biology  PubMed

Herzog F, Loza K, Balog S, Clift MJ, Epple M, Gehr P, Petri-Fink A, Rothen-Rutishauser B.
Mimicking exposures to acute and lifetime concentrations of inhaled silver nanoparticles by two different in vitro approaches.
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology  PubMed

Hostettler I, Müller J, Stephens CE, Haynes R, Hemphill A.
A quantitative reverse-transcriptase PCR assay for the assessment of drug activities against intracellular Theileria annulata schizonts.
International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance  PubMed

Imeri F, Fallegger D, Zivkovic A, Schwalm S, Enzmann G, Blankenbach K, Meyer zu Heringdorf D, Homann T, Kleuser B, Pfeilschifter J, Engelhardt B, Stark H, Huwiler A.
Novel oxazolo-oxazole derivatives of FTY720 reduce endothelial cell permeability, immune cell chemotaxis and symptoms of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in mice.
Neuropharmacology  PubMed

Jandus C, Boligan KF, Chijioke O, Liu H, Dahlhaus M, Démoulins T, Schneider C, Wehrli M, Hunger RE, Baerlocher GM, Simon HU, Romero P, Münz C, von Gunten S.
Interactions between Siglec-7/9 receptors and ligands influence NK cell-dependent tumor immunosurveillance.
Journal of Clinical Investigation  PubMed

Jeannet N, Fierz M, Kalberer M, Burtscher H, Geiser M.
Nano Aerosol Chamber for In-Vitro Toxicity (NACIVT) studies.
Nanotoxicology  PubMed

Jeckelmann JM, Harder D, Ucurum Z, Fotiadis D.
2D and 3D crystallization of a bacterial homologue of human vitamin C membrane transport proteins.
Journal of Structural Biology  PubMed

Kuhn-Nentwig L, Kopp LS, Nentwig W, Haenni B, Streitberger K, Schürch S, Schaller J.
Functional differentiation of spider hemocytes by light and transmission electron microscopy, and MALDI-MS-imaging.
Developmental & Comparative Immunology  PubMed

Lee KM, Danuser R, Stein JV, Graham D, Nibbs RJ, Graham GJ.
The chemokine receptors ACKR2 and CCR2 reciprocally regulate lymphatic vessel density.
EMBO Journal  PubMed

Lorin C, Vögeli I, Niggli E.
Dystrophic cardiomyopathy - role of TRPV2 channels in stretch-induced cell damage.
Cardiovascular Research  PubMed

Lupo A, Ruppen C, Hemphill A, Spellerberg B, Sendi P.
Phenotypic and molecular characterization of hyperpigmented group B Streptococci.
International Journal of Medical Microbiology  PubMed

Mayer J, Robert-Moreno A, Danuser R, Stein JV, Sharpe J, Swoger J.
OPTiSPIM: integrating optical projection tomography in light sheet microscopy extends specimen characterization to nonfluorescent contrasts.
Optics Letters  PubMed

Meury M, Costa M, Harder D, Stauffer M, Jeckelmann JM, Brühlmann B, Rosell A, Ilgü H, Kovar K, Palacín M, Fotiadis D.
Detergent-induced stabilization and improved 3D map of the human heteromeric amino acid transporter 4F2hc-LAT2.
PLoS One  PubMed

Moalli F, Cupovic J, Thelen F, Halbherr P, Fukui Y, Narumiya S, Ludewig B, Stein JV.
Thromboxane A2 acts as tonic immunoregulator by preferential disruption of low-avidity CD4+ T cell-dendritic cell interactions.
Journal of Experimental Medicine  PubMed

Monnier CA, Burnand D, Rothen-Rutishauser B, Lattuada M, Petri-Fink A
Magnetoliposomes: opportunities and challenges
European Journal of Nanomedicine  Link

Morshed M, Hlushchuk R, Simon D, Walls AF, Obata-Ninomiya K, Karasuyama H, Djonov V, Eggel A, Kaufmann T, Simon HU, Yousefi S.
NADPH oxidase-independent formation of extracellular DNA traps by basophils.
Journal of Immunology  PubMed

Murton AJ, Billeter R, Stephens FB, Des Etages SG, Graber F, Hill RJ, Marimuthu K, Greenhaff PL.
Transient transcriptional events in human skeletal muscle at the outset of concentric resistance exercise training.
Journal of Applied Physiology  PubMed

Poláková E, Illaste A, Niggli E, Sobie EA.
Maximal acceleration of Ca2+ release refractoriness by β-adrenergic stimulation requires dual activation of kinases PKA and CaMKII in mouse ventricular myocytes.
Journal of Physiology  PubMed

Rosell A, Meury M, Álvarez-Marimon E, Costa M, Pérez-Cano L, Zorzano A, Fernández-Recio J, Palacín M, Fotiadis D.
Structural bases for the interaction and stabilization of the human amino acid transporter LAT2 with its ancillary protein 4F2hc.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA  PubMed

Roth-Kleiner M, Berger TM, Gremlich S, Tschanz SA, Mund SI, Post M, Stampanoni M, Schittny JC.
Neonatal steroids induce a down-regulation of tenascin-C and elastin and cause a deceleration of the first phase and an acceleration of the second phase of lung alveolarization.
Histochemistry and Cell Biology  PubMed

Rožman S, Yousefi S, Oberson K, Kaufmann T, Benarafa C, Simon HU.
The generation of neutrophils in the bone marrow is controlled by autophagy.
Cell Death & Differentiation  PubMed

Ruppen J, Cortes-Dericks L, Marconi E, Karoubi G, Schmid RA, Peng R, Marti TM, Guenat OT.
A microfluidic platform for chemoresistive testing of multicellular pleural cancer spheroids.
Lab on a Chip  PubMed

Schaffner TO, Hinds J, Gould KA, Wüthrich D, Bruggmann R, Küffer M, Mühlemann K, Hilty M, Hathaway LJ
A point mutation in cpsE renders Streptococcus pneumoniae nonencapsulated and enhances its growth, adherence and competence.
BMC Microbiology  PubMed

Schoenauer R, Atanassoff AP, Wolfmeier H, Pelegrin P, Babiychuk EB, Draeger A.
P2X7 receptors mediate resistance to toxin-induced cell lysis.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta  PubMed

Shirokova N, Kang C, Fernandez-Tenorio M, Wang W, Wang Q, Wehrens XH, Niggli E.
Oxidative stress and ca(2+) release events in mouse cardiomyocytes.
Biophysical Journal  PubMed

Simon D, Aeberhard C, Erdemoglu Y, Simon HU.
Th17 cells and tissue remodeling in atopic and contact dermatitis.
Allergy  PubMed

Stadelmann B, Aeschbacher D, Huber C, Spiliotis M, Müller J, Hemphill A.
Profound activity of the anti-cancer drug bortezomib against Echinococcus multilocularis metacestodes identifies the proteasome as a novel drug target for cestodes.
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases  PubMed

Studer D, Klein A, Iacovache I, Gnaegi H, Zuber B.
A new tool based on two micromanipulators facilitates the handling of ultrathin cryosection ribbons.
Journal of Structural Biology  PubMed

Studer D, Zhao S, Chai X, Jonas P, Graber W, Nestel S, Frotscher M.
Capture of activity-induced ultrastructural changes at synapses by high-pressure freezing of brain tissue.
Nature Protocols  PubMed

Tahedl D, Wirkes A, Tschanz SA, Ochs M, Mühlfeld C.
How common is the lipid body-containing interstitial cell in the mammalian lung?
American Journal of Physiology. Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology  PubMed

Thoma M, Kranz-Baltensperger Y, Kropf C, Graber W, Nentwig W, Frick H.
The new Southeast Asian goblin spider genus Aposphragisma (Araneae, Oonopidae): diversity and phylogeny.
Zootaxa  PubMed

Tschanz SA, Salm LA, Roth-Kleiner M, Barré SF, Burri PH, Schittny JC.
Rat lungs show a biphasic formation of new alveoli during postnatal development.
Journal of Applied Physiology  PubMed

Voigt T, Neve A, Schümperli D
The craniosacral progression of muscle development influences the emergence of neuromuscular junction alterations in a severe murine model for spinal muscular atrophy.
Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology  PubMed

Waber-Wenger B, Forterre F, Kuehni-Boghenbor K, Danuser R, Stein JV, Stoffel MH.
Sensory innervation of the dorsal longitudinal ligament and the meninges in the lumbar spine of the dog.
Histochemistry and Cell Biology  PubMed

Wehrli M, Cortinas-Elizondo F, Hlushchuk R, Daudel F, Villiger PM, Miescher S, Zuercher AW, Djonov V, Simon HU, von Gunten S.
Human IgA Fc Receptor FcαRI (CD89) Triggers Different Forms of Neutrophil Death Depending on the Inflammatory Microenvironment.
Journal of Immunology  PubMed

Wolfmeier H, Schoenauer R, Atanassoff AP, Neill DR, Kadioglu A, Draeger A, Babiychuk EB.
Ca2+-dependent repair of pneumolysin pores: A new paradigm for host cellular defense against bacterial pore-forming toxins.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta  PubMed