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Agarwal HK, Janicek R, Chi SH, Perry JW, Niggli E, Ellis-Davies GC.
Calcium Uncaging with Visible Light.
Journal of the American Chemical Society  PubMed

Amini P, Stojkov D, Wang X, Wicki S, Kaufmann T, Wong WW, Simon HU, Yousefi S.
NET formation can occur independently of RIPK3 and MLKL signaling.
European Journal of Immunology  PubMed

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Real-time intra-store confocal Ca2+ imaging in isolated mouse cardiomyocytes.
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Establishment of a confluent monolayer model with human primary trophoblast cells: novel insights into placental glucose transport.
Molecular Human Reproduction  PubMed

Iacovache I, De Carlo S, Cirauqui N, Dal Peraro M, van der Goot FG, Zuber B.
Cryo-EM structure of aerolysin variants reveals a novel protein fold and the pore-formation process.
Nature Communications  PubMed

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High resolution microscopy reveals an unusual architecture of the Plasmodium berghei endoplasmic reticulum.
Molecular Microbiology  PubMed

Lazarevic I, Engelhardt B.
Modeling immune functions of the mouse blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier in vitro: primary rather than immortalized mouse choroid plexus epithelial cells are suited to study immune cell migration across this brain barrier.
Fluids and Barriers of the CNS  PubMed

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Tissue Crowding Induces Caspase-Dependent Competition for Space.
Current Biology  PubMed

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Mature lipid droplets are accessible to ER luminal proteins.
Journal of Cell Science  PubMed

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Impaired mTORC1-Dependent Expression of Homer-3 Influences SCA1 Pathophysiology.
Neuron  PubMed

Sreeramkumar V, Hons M, Punzón C, Stein JV, Sancho D, Fresno M, Cuesta N.
Efficient T-cell priming and activation requires signaling through prostaglandin E2 (EP) receptors.
Immunology & Cell Biology  PubMed

Stucki DM, Ruegsegger C, Steiner S, Radecke J, Murphy MP, Zuber B, Saxena S.
Mitochondrial impairments contribute to Spinocerebellar ataxia type 1 progression and can be ameliorated by the mitochondria-targeted antioxidant MitoQ.
Free Radical Biology & Medicine  PubMed

Trikin R, Doiron N, Hoffmann A, Haenni B, Jakob M, Schnaufer A, Schimanski B, Zuber B, Ochsenreiter T.
TAC102 Is a Novel Component of the Mitochondrial Genome Segregation Machinery in Trypanosomes.
PLOS Pathogens  PubMed

Kaiser G,, De Niz M,, Zuber B, Burda PC, Kornmann B, Heussler VT, Stanway RR
High resolution microscopy reveals an unusual architecture of the Plasmodium berghei endoplasmic reticulum.
Mol Microbiol  PubMed

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Progress in imaging methods: insights gained into Plasmodium biology
Nature Reviews Microbiology  PubMed

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Active release of pneumolysin prepores and pores by mammalian cells undergoing a Streptococcus pneumoniae attack.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta  PubMed