Students of the Cutting Edge Microscopy PhD program can be rewarding ECTS for MIC trainings by giving a presentation (approx 20 minutes) on the successful application of the teaching subject.



Upcoming Trainings:



Basics of super resolution microscopy

29.01.2019 - 30.01.2019

Deadline for registrations 21.01.2019



Imaris: basics and advanced


Deadline for registrations 01.02.2019





Past Trainings:




11.12.2018, Training: Advanced Cell Classifier for the analysis of HCS data, Info



29.10.2018, Demonstration: X-Clarity II Tissue Clearing System, Info



23.10.2018, Training: Introduction to CLEM, Info



18.09.2018, Training: Basics of confocal microscopy, Info



12.09.2018, Demonstration: Olympus FV3000 confocal microscope, Info



11.09.2018, Training: Care and maintenance of light microscopes, Info



03.07.2018, Demonstration: 3D CELL EXPLORER - Holotomographic Microscopy for label-free live cell imaging, Info



21.06.2018, Training: Light Sheet Microscopy for in vivo imaging, Info



24.05.2018, Training: Feedback microscopy workflows, Info



26.04.2018, Demonstration: SRRF super resolution, Info



21.03.2018, Training: Basics of wide field microscopy, Info



07.03.2018 - 08.03.2018, Training: FIJI Basics, Info



09.02.2018, Training: Imaris: basics and advanced, Info



15.01.2018, Training: FRET microscopy, Info



07.12.2017 - 10.04.2018, Olympus Lunch & Learn, Info



30.11.2017, Training: Image analysis with KNIME, Info



11.10.2017, Training: Interactive image classification, segmentation and analysis with ilastik, Info



19.09.2017, Training: Basics of confocal microscopy, Info



13.09.2017, Training: Basics of deconvolution microscopy , Info



06.09.2017, Training: Basics of wide field microscopy, Info



11.07.2017, Writing your own ImageJ/Fiji Macros, Info



05.04.2017, Mini Symposium: Image analysis in microscopy, Info



30.03.2017, Training: Automated Live Cell Microscopy, Zeiss, Info



21.03.2017, Training: Basics of super resolution microscopy, Info



08.03.2017, Nikon Ti2 Demonstration, Info



14.02.2017, Imaris, basics (Training), Info



24.01.2017, Training on a spinning disc microscope from Nikon, Info



02.11.2016, MIC Microscopy Day, Info



11.10.2016 - 13.10.2016, Basics in confocal microscopy, Info



06.09.2016 - 08.09.2016, Basics in wide field microscopy, Info



06.06.2016, Image Restoration and Huygens Remote Manager, Info



20.04.2016, Workshop "Get the most out of your sample" - the perfect workflow for your sample, Info



18.03.2016, CellProfiler Workshop, Info



12.06.2015, Hands-on Imaris 8 training, Info



26.03.2015, Imaris Workshop, Info