Microscopy Imaging Center

Light Microscopy

Below you find the light microscopes registered at MIC. The instruments are sorted into individual categories. On top of each category you find a link to OpenIRIS that lists all instruments of this category in OpenIris.

The names of the instruments follow a specific scheme that allows illustration of important key information. One example “TKI_Zeiss_LSM 800”: TKI, the location. Zeiss, the brand name. LSM800, the company’s name of the instrument. The key for the location is presented here.

  • ANA_Zeiss_Imager.M2
  • ARTORG_Zeiss_Axio_Imager_2
  • ARTORG_ThermoFisher_EVOS_M7000
  • DBMR_MU35_IncuCyte_Live-Cell Analysis System, Fluorescence microscope
  • DBMR_MU35_Nikon_Eclipse E800_Fluorescence microscope
  • DBMR_MU35_Olympus_DX50 _Fluorescence microscope
  • DBMR_MU40_Nikon Eclipse Ti-E_Fluorescence microscope
  • DBMR_MU50_Leica_DMI4000 B multipurpose fluorescence system
  • DIP_Vetsuisse_ GE DeltaVision Elite_Automated Multi-Well
  • IBMM_Zeiss_AxioObserver calcium imaging
  • IBMM_Zeiss_AxioObserver patch clamping
  • IPS_Leica_DVM6 A, a motorized digital microscope
  • ITA_Vetsuisse_GE INCell Analyzer 2000_High Content Automated Multi-Well, Fluorescence microscope
  • ITA_Vetsuisse_Keyence VHX-5000 Digital Microscope_Reflective light microscope
  • ITA_Vetsuisse_Zeiss_AxioImager with Apotome
  • IVI_Vetsuisse_EVOS FL Auto 2 Imaging System
  • IZB_Leica_DM5500
  • IZB_Nanolive_3D_Cell_Explorer
  • IZB_Nikon_Ti Fluorescence
  • IZB_Nikon_Ti iLas2 TIRF
  • IZB_Nikon_Ti2
  • LHEP_Keyence_VHX-7000
  • PYL_Zeiss_AxioVertA1
  • TKI_Intravital microscope IVM-500
  • TKI_Nikon_Eclipse E600_Fluorescence microscope
  • TKI_Zeiss_AxioObserver_for LiveCell Imaging and with Apotome
  • ANA_Leica_Digital Light Sheet TCS SP8 DLS
  • ANA_Zeiss_LSM 880 with Airyscan
  • DBMR_MU50_Zeiss_LSM 710 with Airyscan
  • DCR_Vetsuisse_Olympus_FV 3000
  • Insel_Cellvizio Dual Band_In vivo probe-based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (pCLE)
  • IPS_Leica_TCS SP5
  • IZB_Leica_SP8 X STED_Superresolution
  • IZB_Leica_TCS SP8
  • PKI_Zeiss_LSM 5 exciter
  • PKI_Zeiss_LSM 510
  • PKI_Zeiss_LSM 800 with Airyscan
  • PYL_Olympus Fluoview-1200 confocal microscope
  • PYL_VisiTech_VT-infinity confocal multi-point scanner
  • TKI_Zeiss_LSM 800
  • IZB_Nikon Ti Spinning Disc (CREST) with DMD
  • IZB_Nikon W1 LIPSI spinning disk
  • IZB_TillPhotonics / FEI iMIC_Spinning disc microscope
  • DBMR_MU50_Nikon_Eclipse Ti-E Spinning Disk (LED) 

  • FIWI_Vetsuisse_Leica_MZ10F_Stereo fluorescence microscope
  • TKI_Leica_M651_Surgical microscope
  • TKI_Leica_MZ16 Stereo fluorescence microscope
  • TKI_Zeiss_AxioZoom.V16_Stereo fluorescence microscope
  • PYL_LaVision BioTec Ultramicroscope_Light Sheet
  • IAP_Nikon_Eclipse Ti-E, A1R MP
  • PYL_Customized Two-Photon Microscope
  • PYL_Olympus_Fluoview-1000 confocal with Two-Photon excitation
  • TKI_LaVision Biotec TrimScope II_Two-Photon microscope

DBMR_MU35_3DHistech_Slide scanner, Panoramic 250 Flash II
IBMM_3DHistech_Slide scanner, Panoramic MIDI II