Here are publications listed that have been realized through microscopy expert knowledge of the MIC commission members.


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Fernandez-Tenorio M, Niggli E.
Stabilization of Ca2+ signaling in cardiac muscle by stimulation of SERCA
Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology  PubMed

Franz MC, Pujol-Gimenez J, Montalbetti N, Fernandez-Tenorio M, DeGrado TR, Niggli E, Romero MF, Hediger MA.
Reassessment of the transport mechanism of the human zinc transporter SLC39A2.
Biochemistry  PubMed

Niggli E, Shirokova N
Caged Compounds: Applications in Cardiac Muscle Research
Microscopy of the Heart  Article

Potenza DM, Janicek R, Fernandez-Tenorio M, Camors E, Ramos-Mondragón R, Valdivia HH, Niggli E.
Phosphorylation of the ryanodine receptor 2 at serine 2030 is required for a complete ╬▓-adrenergic response.
Journal of General Physiology  PubMed