Microscopy Imaging Center

Studies / PhD / Trainings

MIC offers education at all levels. PhD and Master students of the Medical Faculty, the Science Faculty or the Vetsuisse Faculty are offered expert knowledge in microscopy by a broad portfolio of MIC teaching activities. The lecture series on Advanced Microscopy introduces the physical basics of microscopy and covers most aspects of modern microscopy. PhD students with a particular need for microscopy in their research project can join the PhD program Cutting Edge microscopy (CEM). MIC Workshops are designed as group activities to consolidate selected high-end microscopy methods. The MIC Journal Club is a special teaching for the PhD students enrolled in the CEM program. Bachelor Students of Human Medicine can attend the «Wahlpraktikum: Microscopy in modern life sciences». Continued education for all University staff is offered in MIC trainings. Regularly, MIC organizes demonstration events to introduce new developments on the market. MIC closely collaborates with service unit Science IT support (ScITS) of the University of Bern, which offers teaching in many kind of microscopy related computational skills.