Microscopy Imaging Center

CEM Summer School 2022

On June 30th and July 1, 2022, the annual summer school of the PhD program Cutting Edge Microscopy (CEM) took place at the Hotel Appenberg in Zäziwil, Switzerland. On the first day, the CEM PhD students presented their scientific projects and specific microscopic applications. Advice on the implementation of microscopy into the projects was provided by the MIC microscopy specialists Fabian Blank and Yury Belyaev, the MIC bioimaging specialist Guillaume Witz and the CEM PhD program co-directors Benoît Zuber and Steven Proulx. Furthermore, a discussion on the next activities of the CEM PhD program took place and Javier Pareja and Adrian Madarasz were elected as CEM student representatives from August 2022 to July 2023. On the second day, the external trainer Michael Berndonner carried out a very intensive training course in scientific presentation techniques. Moderation skills were also included in this course as an important topic for scientific conferences. The coordinator of the CEM PhD program, Ruth Lyck, also attended the CEM summer school and took care of all administrative issues. The beautiful landscape, the pleasant accommodation and the Appenberg games activity contributed to a perfect learning atmosphere.