Microscopy Imaging Center

Congratulations to successful PhD Defense Anastasia Milusev

On July 6, 2023, Anastasia Milusev, student at the PhD program Cutting Edge Microscopy (CEM) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Robert Rieben and Dr. Nicoletta Sorvillo has successfully defended her PhD thesis with the title "Distinct arterial and venous glycocalyx dynamics impact endothelial function".

Abstract: The endothelial glycocalyx, a layer of sugars and proteins on the endothelial cell surface, is crucial for maintaining vascular homeostasis. The glycocalyx is damaged in different inflammatory conditions, leading to a pro-inflammatory and procoagulant endothelial cell phenotype. Using confocal microscopy and live cell imaging, the glycocalyx dynamics of arterial and venous endothelial cells in different inflammatory conditions were investigated in vitro in a 3D microfluidic system.