Microscopy Imaging Center

European Light Microscopy Initiative Meeting (ELMI) 2024

The 23rd International European Light Microscopy Initiative Meeting (ELMI) took place from June 4-7, 2024, in Liverpool, UK, gathering over 600 researchers, scientists and industry representatives to discuss the latest advancements in light microscopy, focusing on life sciences.

The event started with a Core Facility Day, featuring sessions on tools and resources, data management and spatial omics. Core facility members from different countries shared their experiences. For instance, Nicholas Condon from the University of Queensland in Australia discussed the implementation of the Image Processing Platform and Laurent Gelman from FMI in Switzerland highlighted various tools and resources used in microscopy facilities. A community discussion concluded the session, summarized the tools and resources presented.

Over the next two and a half days, leading scientists presented their latest research and innovations in microscopy. Topics included multimodal correlative imaging, image analysis, intelligent acquisition, super-resolution microscopy and imaging across scales. These presentations emphasized significant advancements and future directions in microscopy, highlighting the field's dynamic and rapidly evolving nature. Notably, Ralf Jungmann from the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry delivered a keynote lecture on spatial omics using DNA-based super-resolution microscopy.

In addition to scientific presentations, more than 50 leading companies in microscopy instrumentation and related fields showcased their latest products and technologies through informative workshops and booth presentations. This interaction between academia and industry provided attendees with insights into cutting-edge tools and techniques, fostering potential collaborations and technological adoption.

The Microscopy Imaging Center (MIC) was represented by Yury Belyaev. Overall, ELMI 2024 provided an excellent platform for networking, knowledge exchange and fostering collaborations between industry and academia.