Microscopy Imaging Center

Join the Correlative Microscopy Symposium

March 13 - 16, 2022

The Organization Committee and the ZEISS Microscopy Team are delighted to invite you to the 6th Joint Meeting Workshop and Symposium “From 3D Light to 3D Electron Microscopy” taking place from March 13th to 16th 2022 in cooperation with the EMBL in Heidelberg, the VIB in Ghent and the Francis Crick Institute in London.
Many prominent scientists will share their groundbreaking work on correlative microscopy in 3D and volume EM. You can also look forward to practical workshops on

  • correlative workflows
  • volume EM methods
  • sample preparation methods

and on a panel discussion of the international networking happening to promote these techniques.
This meeting will inspire you and open up the possibilities for forming new collaborative efforts to use these powerful imaging techniques to better understand the nano-world inside cells and tissues. 
Please register here.