Microscopy Imaging Center

CEM Study Trip 2024

On February 1 and 2, 2024, a study trip took 18 PhD students of the PhD specialization program Cutting Edge Microscopy (CEM) and 3 "seniors", who were the CEM program scientific co-director Benoît Zuber, the MIC light microscopy specialist Yury Belyaev and the CEM coordinator Ruth Lyck, to Milan, Italy. There, the students visited the Human Technopole Institute (HT) in Rho Fiera. The HT is a large-scale research infrastructure launched by the Italian government in 2018. Since 2024, the HT has opened the first national facilities offering services and training for biomedical research with cutting-edge technology. Fabrizio Martino, Licensing Officer at the Human Technopole, warmly welcomed the students and seniors and introduced the HT facilities. The two-day program included a visit to the cryo-EM facility, the light microscopy facility, the spatial omics unit and a demonstration of electrophysiological experiments in microscopy and optical tweezers. Read more about the CEM PhD students' study trip to Milan in the pdf file linked below.