Microscopy Imaging Center

MIC Research Day 2022

On June 29, 2022, more than 100 participants from the University of Bern, mostly the MIC members and active MIC users, attended the traditional MIC Day that took place at UniS. The program of the MIC Day was well balanced with presentations by MIC users and members from all three Faculties of the MIC (Vetsuisse, Natural sciences and Medicine) as well as a representative of the University of Fribourg.

Nine speakers presented their research projects related to microscopy in 20 minutes talks. Among them, Boris Egger from the BioImage Core Facility of the University of Fribourg presented his own microscopy-based research on hypoxia in Drosophila brain as well as the equipment available in the facility, and David Haberthür from the Institute of Anatomy of the University of Bern offered a tour of projects carried out with micro-CT imaging on a variety of samples from horse hooves to human teeth. Finally, four students who successfully graduated from the PhD program Cutting Edge Microscopy (CEM) received their certificates.

As usual, this event provided plenty of opportunities for networking among the imaging community at the University of Bern. We thank all CEM students for their help in the organization, all participants for their enthusiasm for microscopy and the event sponsors for their generous financial support. 


  • Annina Bindschedler, Institute of Cell Biology, Faculty of Science, UniBE

  • Diego Dibitetto, Institute of Animal Pathology, Vetsuisse, UniBE

  • Maciej Dobrzynski, Institute of Cell Biology, Faculty of Science, UniBE

  • Boris Egger, BioImage Core Facility, UniFR

  • David Haberthür, Institute of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicinie, UniBE

  • Rasha Khaddaj, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicinie, UniBE

  • Anna Meletiou, Institute of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, UniBE

  • Anna Oevermann, Departement of clinical Research and Veterinary Public Health, Vetsuisse, UniBE

  • Michael Raissig, Institute of Plant Sciences, Faculty of Science, UniBE

  • Abberior Instruments GmbH
  • Chroma Technology GmbH
  • Excelitas Technologies 
  • Nikon Europe B.V.
  • PhD Program Cutting Edge Microscopy