Microscopy Imaging Center

Lecture Series on Advanced Microscopy

This lecture introduces the physical basics of microscopy and covers most aspects of modern microscopy: Wide field light microscopy for fixed and live samples, fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy for volume resolution, super resolution microscopy, atomic force microscopy, stereology, transmission electron microscopy (EM), scanning EM, cryo-EM and x-ray micro-tomography.

Passing the exam of this lecture qualifies for attending the PhD program Cutting Edge Microscopy, the MIC Workshops and the MIC Journal Club.

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Fall semester

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PhD students
Master students

All students, who have registered in KSL, are automatically added as a course member to ILIAS. If you encounter access problems to ILIAS or KSL, please contact info.mic@unibe.ch. Each lecture is accompanied by two handouts: 1) A summary of the lecture content and 2) self-test questions. These files will be available for download in ILIAS 24 hours prior to the respective lecture.