Microscopy Imaging Center

MIC Workshops

MIC Workshops are designed as individual and specialised teaching activities to consolidate selected high-end microscopy methods. MIC workshops are offered at PhD level and, in exceptional cases, also for students at the master level. They usually conclude with a performance assessment and offer the acquisition of ECTS. The amount of ECTS depends on the hours that the student has to invest. The following categories exist: Bio Image Analysis, Light Microscopy, Electron Microscopy and Specific Applications. Most MIC Workshops are held on request. Please do not hesitate to request a realization. 

General Information regarding MIC workshops


Most MIC Workshops are courses on demand. Do not hesitate to contact the course lecturer.


Please contact the responsible course lecturer

Registration on KSL

See link on individual course description

Target audience

Courses are designed for various levels of education. Please read the individual course descriptions regarding the target audience.


variable, see course description


Most MIC workshops are liable to pay costs. PhD students enrolled in the GCB may be eligible for financial support. Refund can be requested by submitting the Refund Request Form below to the CEM administration.